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Board of Trustees Message

The Board of Trustees is pleased to make the Strategic Plan 2013-2016 available for review. The three-year Strategic Plan was adopted on April 29, 2014 and covers the period July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2016. Garden School Strategic Plan 2013-2016 The Strategic Plan is a formal document by which the Board of Trustees determines …

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Garden Composts

Did you know that Garden has a compost bin? Organic matter is collected at Garden School then decomposed and recycled as fertilizer for soil enrichment in the local Jackson Heights garden areas. Garden School parents and teachers oversee the decomposition process to make this truly a Garden project.

Global Classrooms

Model UN returns to Garden School this year for students in grades 9-12, reestablishing Garden’s long-standing tradition of participating in this exciting program. An informational meeting will be held during the first week of school.

Math Team Competes

Congratulations to the Garden School Junior Math Team! They participated in a MATHCOUNTS competition on Saturday, February 1st. This annual event is designed to make them think and enhance their passion for math, in a fun and challenging way. They competed in two rounds, team and individual, that tested accuracy, mathematical reasoning, problem-solving processes and …

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Promoting Chess & Education

The game of chess makes one of the most important contributions to the field of education. Inherent in it are the basic principles of psychological learning theory: Memory, Pattern Recognition, Decision making, and Reinforcement. Beginning in October, at Garden School, our Kindergarten and First Graders now have this important learning tool incorporated into their curriculum.  …

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90 Years Never Looked So Good

This year Garden School celebrates its 90th Anniversary which adds to our commitment to support, sustain and expand our mission to educate all of our children and help them develop into thinking, feeling and socially responsible adults. Schools are all about possibility, and nothing embodies that possibility more than the opening of our school.

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