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Mr. Brad Battaglia

What is the right college for my child? How will we find it? How will our family navigate the college application process? These questions, along with those about paying for college, developing independence, and making the most of the high school years, are important elements of the college counseling program at Garden School. From families with a tradition of college attendance to those for whom the college process is new, college matriculation is a goal shared by every Garden School family.

Historically, 99+% of Garden graduates have matriculated directly into college. As a school, our goal from the earliest grades through high school is to develop lifelong learners who excel in academics as well as individuals who enhance Garden School and the college they later attend. You know that your child is defined by more than his or her grades, and so do we. As a result, the Garden School experience develops not only your child’s academic skills but also his or her interests beyond the classroom. Athletics, clubs, academic societies, and community service opportunities are all designed to encourage students to develop as individuals.

In the college process, we realize that finding the right place for your child is based on more than just grades and standardized test scores. All students have their own strengths, weaknesses, talents, and dreams. The college search seeks to find the best match for our graduates—places where they can thrive and learn.

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