Early Childhood

This is Where it All Starts

We are an independent Early Childhood Center, and therefore, by design, do not specifically adhere to one set model for early education. Instead, we reflect pieces of a few philosophies in early childhood learning. This means you will see elements and influences of Reggio Emilia, Arts-Integrated, Balanced, and Thematic Learning. All of our teachers are trained formally in early childhood education, but also bring a variety of skills, talents, and specialties to the team. While we reflect multiple philosophies, we are ultimately a small and thoughtful program where we know your child, embed individual interests into classroom activities, and value the uniqueness of everyone. Our team designs programs around students all within the context of understanding what it means to be ready for the next grade, be it PreK, K, or 1st grade. They also do so in conjunction with a broad team of specialists who enhance learning through dynamic programming in Mandarin, Music, the Arts, Physical Education, and more. Learning spaces foster and cultivate expanding student interests. Interactions and engagement with peers while using both teacher-made and commercially produced materials are evident in carefully designed collaborative centers, around tables and chairs, on the carpet, in our gardens, on the playgrounds, and moving throughout the hallways.

Program Features

Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classrooms are led by experienced head teachers who are knowledgeable in the field of Early Childhood Education. Additional teachers and assistant teachers provide small group and individual instruction.

  • Full-day nursery program for 2 and 2 year olds
  • Full-day pre-kindergarten for 3 and 4 year olds
  • Full-day kindergarten for 5 year olds
  • Licensed by NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene-Bureau of Day Care
  • Highly enriched after-school program available until 6 PM
  • Classes have one core teacher and one assistant teacher
  • Phonetic Reading Program with children’s literature integrated throughout the curriculum
  • Mathematics manipulatives program and hands-on science activities
  • Social studies lessons including map skills and cultural appreciation
  • Language Institute – Beginning Mandarin twice per week taught by a native-speaking specialist
  • Daily physical education in gymnasium taught by specialized teachers and classroom teacher
  • Music and movement classes taught by specialist teacher
  • Art activities integrated throughout program
  • Socialization activities with classroom centers
  • Outdoor play space and organic planting garden
  • SmartBoard technology to illustrate lessons
  • Weekly chess class taught by a specialist teacher
  • Extensive school-wide lending library
  • Responsive Classroom Program for Social-Emotional Learning
  • Swimming pool available for Kindergarten (weather permitting)
  • Neighborhood and local field trips supporting classroom instruction
  • Full-time Registered Nurse
  • Snacks and hot lunch available
  • Garden School buses offering door-to-door transportation

Our teachers are there at every turn, conveying the building blocks of education but also providing encouragement, confidence-building moments, and reading- and math-readiness. Woven in throughout the day are invaluable lessons on sharing, cooperation, friendship, and reflecting on how our own behavior affects those around us.

Early Learning Building Blocks


This is achieved through multi-sensory experiences and reinforcement of letters and sound, as well as the expression of ideas and feelings through imaginative play, making choices, and group projects. Writing and reading words, sentences, and stories are emphasized with each successive year and regular encounters with literature provide a familiar interactive framework and new vocabulary.


Exposure to numbers and counting, sorting, patterns, comparisons, estimation, sequence, and logic is designed to stimulate early analytical thinking. Basic addition and subtraction begin in kindergarten.

Fine-Motor Skills

Manipulatives, coloring, cutting, and tracing as well as basic cooking, assembling of projects, and an emphasis on writing all combine to prepare your child for lower-division learning.

Social Studies

Children continue to discover the world outside of them by learning about maps, holidays, traditions, our shared and different cultures, current events, school and community, neighbors and friends, family, and self—all enriched by singing and movement, cooking, dramatic play, and art projects.


Provides a fun and hands-on introduction to the human body, our senses, plants and animals, seasons and elements, colors, mixtures, temperature, magnets, spectrums, and magnification.


Young learners are introduced to the basic elements of expression, rhythm, form, melody, and timbre; songs that reflect a variety of styles, cultures, and historic periods; performance on classroom instruments; good early vocal habits; and individual, class, and division performances.


Self-expression and fine-motor skills come together through use of color, drawing, painting, and murals. Children are further motivated by learning about famous artists and their styles.


Children learn conversational Mandarin for greeting, counting, and singing songs. They are introduced to Chinese culture and traditions and play games and eat special foods
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