Get Involved!

There are a number of clubs and societies for our Upper Division students to join ranging from Student Council and Yearbook to Gaming Club and Amateur Radio Club. Students who have an idea for a new club are also encouraged to work with our administration to get it started! Clubs are a great opportunity to connect with other students and explore your interests.

Club List (More Coming Soon...)

Club Eligible Grades Led By
Student Council 7-12 Flance Dervishi & Michelle Ferreira
Yearbook (The Cupola) 7-12 Yearbook Editor-in-Chief
Key Club 7-12 Amira Esposito
Daniel Webster Society (Debate Team) 5-8 Richard Kruczek & Phil D’Anna
Model United Nations 7-12 Sarah O’Sullivan
Amateur Radio Club 4-12 John Hale
National Honor Society 9-12 Agustin Melara
National Junior Honor Society 7-8 Agustin Melara
Diversity Club 7-12 Agustin Melara
International Club 7-12 Greig Roselli
Gaming Club 7-12 Brad Battaglia
Lego Robotics 5-8 Marlene Dapice
Japan Club 7-12 Tom Heineman
Art Club 7-12  


Garden School’s Foundations Specialty Classes are geared towards the varied interests of our students and the high standards of our parent/guardian community. Foundations broaden students’ awareness and bring forth their skills and talents in a nurturing environment.

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