Head’s Welcome

Welcome to Garden School where we believe every child has potential and where we believe it is a school’s job to spark, acknowledge, and promote the passions and interests of children. We were founded in 1923 to meet the need for a high-quality, individualized, and independent school in Queens. The core of this neighborhood school’s …

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Connaître & savoir

Connaître et Savoir Both “connaître” and “savoir” mean to know. However they are use differently. CONNAITRE It is used in a sense of being acquainted to someone. Example:  Je connais Brian.                     I know Brian. It can be used as well in a sense of being acquainted to something.  Example: Tu connais la chanson. You …

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passé composé

Je m’appelle: ______________________________                         Jeudi le 16  avril 2020 Check the approppriate box. Say whether the sentence is past or present. The first one is done for you. Sentences Present Past 1. Je mange des bonbons au chocolat. ✓   2. Nous avons regardé un bon film.     3. Elle a fini son sandwich au …

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French 4, comparative of superiority and comparative of equality

Je m’appelle: ____________________________________   mardi le 14 avril 2020 COMPARATIF OF SUPERIORITY PLUS + ADJECTIVE + QUE   Jean est plus intelligent que Marc. COMPARATIF OF EQUALITY AUSSI + ADJECTIVE + QUE  Jean est aussi intelligent que Marc Compare the following people, animal or things using plus…. que or aussi ….. que and the adjectives in parenthesis. …

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Les phrases interrogatives

Je m’appelle:  _________________________________________     Jeudi le 02 avril 2020 Using the expression « est-ce-que », ask questions ? Follow the example. Due date 04/07/2020 you can send copies at  Exemple: jouer au basket                     Est-ce que tu joues au basket ? manger la tarte à la pomme ? ______________________________________________________________________________ parler espagnol ? ______________________________________________________________________________ Chanter en classe de français ______________________________________________________________________________ dormir en …

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passé composé

LE PASSE COMPOSE AVEC AVOIR AVOIR + PAST PARTICIPLE  AVOIR                                                                      J’AI                                                          TU AS                                                                   IL, ELLE A                   + PP  (past participle) NOUS AVONS                                            VOUS AVEZ ILS, ELLES ONT PAST PARTICIPLE ER VERBS► é EXAMPLE : écouter► écouté is the pp IR VERBS ► I EXAMPLE : FINIR► finir ► fini is the pp RE-VERBS RE …

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