Get with the Program: Afternoons at Garden School

Afternoons at Garden School include a variety of top-caliber enrichment classes, a quiet place and support for homework, socializing with schoolmates in a structured and meaningful way, and being safe and relaxed.


In addition to our AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM, we offer an exciting variety of FOUNDATIONS specialty classes. Check out the Foundations Program of classes available now on the FOUNDATIONS page!.


Take a few moments to see what’s happening at Garden School every afternoon—we hope you’ll get with the program!

After-School Program (Nursery–6th)

Our after-school program for the lower division (N–6) runs weekdays from 3:00–6:00 p.m.and includes snack time, homework help, indoor/outdoor play, organized games and crafts, clubs, and special events. The program structure is flexible, so you can arrange an after-school plan that meets your child’s and your needs.


7th and 8th Grade

The After-School Program for 7th and 8th Graders operates every school day from 3:00-6:00 p.m. The program offers offers a quiet place to do homework with an adult nearby to provide support when necessary. In addition, there are structured activities available including indoor and outdoor games, support for sports teams, and free play in the gym or field.


Students who choose to remain at school after 3:00 p.m. and who are not in extra help with a teacher, in a club, on a team, or attending a Foundations course are automatically enrolled in the After-Hours Center and billed at the daily rate. Per Hour/Day Rates:

  • Until 4 p.m.: $15
  • Until 5 p.m.: $20
  • Until 6 p.m.: $30
  • Pick-ups after 6 p.m. will result in an additional charge of $10/half hour.

Full-Year Discount Rates (Deadline for sign-up discounts is the end of the second week of school in September.)

  • Until 4 p.m. for the year: $2,000 (4 payments of $500)
  • Until 5 p.m. for the year: $2,500 (4 payments of $625)
  • Until 6 p.m. for the year: $3,000 (4 payments of $750)

Timely payments are required to qualify for the full-year discount rates. These rates are per family—they are the same regardless of the number of children a family has enrolled in the program. Contact Ms. Hayes ( with any questions and to sign up. Students signed up for the after-school program receive a discount on Foundations classes, at $220 (rather than $250) or the first course and per full-term course.

Registration Form

Download the Registration Form for Afterschool care, Foundations Classes and Music Conservatory.


Use the link below to pay by credit card for Afterschool care, Foundations Classes and Music Conservatory classes. Or, call the Front Desk with your credit card information or drop off a check with your completed registration form. Call (718) 335-6363 with any questions or email (