The Annual Fund is the corner stone of all fundraising at Garden School – the foundation upon which other fundraising efforts rest. The Annual Fund at Garden generates revenue that supports core activities, program enrichment, and school development. Annual Fund revenues provide the extra margin of excellence not afforded by tuition. The Annual Fund is an ongoing, annual Garden School fundraising activity, critical to the School’s operating income. It complements the fundraising from special events like our annual Garden Gala, and provides the funds necessary for the program enhancements and projects needed to maintain Garden School’s level of excellence in education.

Participation is most important! Each gift, no matter the size, makes a significant difference!


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What amount should I give?

All of our donors are recognized on our Honor Roll.



Leadership Circle

$10,000 and up


1923 Centennial Circle

$5,000 – $9,999


Headmaster’s Circle

$1,500 – $4,999


Excellence in Education Circle

$500 – $1,499


Friends of Garden Circle

Up to $499


Young Alumni Circle (2017-2007)

$100 and up





2017-2018 Annual Fund

Letter to Alumni


When Garden School was founded 95 years ago by a group of Jackson Heights parents, the school was envisioned as one where all member of the community would be partners in providing the very best education for its students. Those original Garden values of community participation and educational partnerships are as vital today as ever. So we are asking you, our Garden Griffin alumni, to partner with us to support Garden School’s most significant fundraiser, the Annual Fund. 

All independent schools depend on fundraising every year and in particular, The Annual Fund. Each year’s budget and tuition is set with The Annual Fund in mind. We continue to need your participation to cover the expenses of providing the first-rate education that you received. Every community member’s involvement in fundraising is anticipated in order to close the gap and allow Garden School to fulfill its promise to current and future children and families. Last year, this community raised $50,000 towards The Annual Fund and we thank you for your support in achieving that milestone. With your help, we continue to improve our educational offerings and our physical plant in ways seen and unseen: 

  • Ensuring our continued excellence through NYSAIS accreditation
  • Improving campus security
  • Upgrading the school’s heating system for cost efficiency
  • Renovation of Upper Division’s Room 23 (which until his retirement this year was Jim Pigman’s classroom)
  • Installation of two hydration stations to reduce bottle waste and continue our efforts to keep Garden green.

In addition, generous alumni participation in the “100/$100 Club”, we were able to renovate the front entrance and lay the first bricks in the commemorative  brick walkway that honors Garden alumni. There is still a chance to participate by buying a brick, if you wish. Also, alumni participation help to launch Garden’s popular Amateur Radio Club that adds to our technology and science offerings, won a Blue Ribbon at the recent NY Makers Faire, and supported critical communications needs between those stranded in Puerto Rico by the hurricanes, and their family members on the mainland. These and more improvements in the future are made possible by your donations so your participation is important. Longer term plans include renovating the Science Lab in the Main Hall and renovating several more classrooms. We need your help with these capital projects and for you to support the successful implementation of Garden School’s mission! We count on every Garden alumni being generous. Our Board of Trustees has demonstrated its leadership once again by pledging over $10,000 in contributions to the Annual Fund. Please join us  in celebrating our school and in supporting its mission to educate our students to the highest of academic, social and personal standards. On behalf of all alumni, current, and future generations of Garden students, we thank you for your generosity.






Dr. Richard Marotta, Ph. D







Michael Rakosi

President, Board of Trustees


Jean Kinn

Chair, Annual Fund Committee