Our Campus, Our Community

Our Community

One of the things people notice when they first visit Garden School is the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that is present in the school. They notice that the culture of our school emphasizes kindness and “citizenship” in the full sense of the word, which includes awareness of our environment and the people around us.

Similarly, our students learn to reach out to each other through clubs and activities in the school and through interaction with the surrounding Jackson Heights neighborhood, involvement with community-based projects, and field trips in the New York City area, neighboring states, and even international countries.

Garden School parents contribute their time and skills toward enriching daily life at Garden. School-wide support efforts are often organized through the PTA. In addition, classroom and program and/or project focused assistance happens in partnership with teachers and Classroom Parents. Featured as a community value in our Mission Statement, the concept of community service and service learning is a goal that pervades all of our classes and the daily life of the school.

Our Campus

Garden School is located in the historic district of Jackson Heights on 79th Street, a peaceful and tree-lined block between 34th Ave. and Northern Boulevard. Since moving here in 1928, the school has grown and so has improved the site with additional buildings and amenities in order to better serve the students and carry out the school’s mission.   Today, the Garden School campus is secure and fully-enclosed and takes up the better part of half of a block.  Facilities are comprised of a group of connected buildings and include the following:

  • Ample number of well-lit and fully-equipped classrooms, many with Smart-boards as appropriate.
  • A renovated library with over 11,600 volumes and several internet-ready computer stations for student use. Students are instructed early in how to use the library to find books of interest and resources for research projects
  • Two science labs, stocked and ready to provide a safe and appropriate environment for hands-on science learning
  • Dedicated computer center equipped with IBM-compatible, internet-ready PCs and printers for technology instruction (Grades 1-6), research and education enrichment purposes.
  • Fully-stocked art room with a pottery kiln and dedicated instruction in world-renowned artists and fine art media.
  • Full-sized performance stage with full lighting, sound and technical systems
  • On-site kitchen and dining room that serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Delicious and healthy hot and cold lunches are served daily. A pre-paid meal plan is available, and students may bring their own lunch and/or buy lunch on an as needed basis. (Grades 11 and 12 may leave school premises for lunch with a signed parent/guardian consent.)
  • Supervised fully-enclosed outdoor playground for nursery through grade–3 students
  • An Early Childhood Center designed and dedicated to provide a focused early childhood experience for our younger UPK community members
  • Large, air-conditioned gymnasium with weight room
  • Fully-enclosed asphalt playing field
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Fleet of private school buses for door-to-door transportation
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