Athletic Program

Garden School’s athletic program gives students a chance to participate in sports in ways that are accessible and supportive. We offer a variety of activities and operate with a “no-cut policy” for all our teams, which ensures that everyone who participates on a team has a fair chance to contribute actively to the team.


Garden School is a long-standing member of both the Independent School Athletic League (I.S.A.L.) and the Girls Independent School Athletic League (G.I.S.A.L.). Our school has traditionally performed very well in both leagues, winning a number of league championships throughout our school history. Garden School students are able to compete both on the middle school and varsity levels, with the first year of team eligibility in grade 7 and continuing through the senior year of high school.


Various interscholastic programs are offered throughout the school year. The fall sports season includes: girls varsity volleyball, boys varsity soccer, and co-ed (7th and 8th grades) middle school soccer. The winter sports season includes: boys varsity basketball, girls varsity basketball, boys middle school (7th and 8th grades) basketball, and girls middle school (7th and 8th grade) basketball. The spring sports season includes: girls varsity softball, boys varsity baseball, co-ed varsity tennis, and co-ed middle school (7th and 8th grades) softball.


All students are welcome to participate on any team or in any activity. Required practice is a minimum of two times a week, with at least one game a week during most sports seasons. All students are required to complete the Team Participation Permissions Form below in order to play on a team.


Inquiries regarding any of Garden School’s Athletic Program teams, schedules, and requirements should be directed to the Athletic Director, Flance Dervishi, at (347)837-6998.


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