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Photo Credit: Amelia Holowaty Krales

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Our School

At Garden School, we help our students develop the skills they need to thrive in school and in life. We believe that all children are uniquely talented and have their own learning styles and we combine time-tested teaching methods with creative approaches to reach and teach all of our learners. This flexible teaching philosophy is only possible in an independent school with small class sizes, and this approach allows our students,

  • to evolve into readers, writers, explorers, researchers and critical thinkers
  • to gain a deep grounding in math and the sciences
  • to become speakers of a second (and sometimes even a third) language
  • to acquire sophisticated eyes and ears for the arts
  • to gain the confidence that comes both from feeling valued and also from learning and mastering new skills and knowledge
  • to have opportunities to participate and to achieve
  • to travel beyond both self-imposed boundaries and the limits of the classroom through local, national and international trips
  • and to learn the value of helping others and taking care of themselves, and the balance required for both.

With each passing year, we see our returning students not only more mature and able to cope with new challenges, but also more connected to each other. It is that sense of being part of something larger than themselves—a culture of caring for and reaching out to others—that makes Garden School a home away from home for our students.