A School and a Community

One of the things people notice when they first visit Garden School is the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that is present in the school. They notice that the culture of our school emphasizes kindness and “citizenship” in the full sense of the word, which includes awareness of our environment and the people around us.

Similarly, our students learn to reach out to each other and to ideas through clubs and activities in the school and through interaction with surrounding Jackson Heights, field trips in the New York City area and beyond, and involvement with community-based projects.

Our annual PTA-sponsored walk-a-thon is a cause for neighborhood celebration, as the students begin their twenty-block procession to the accompaniment of a firehouse drum corps and frequent “Jean Days” mean a relaxation of the dress code in exchange for donations to worthy causes like medical research and helping victims of calamities.

Garden School parents contribute their time and skills toward enriching daily life at Garden. School-wide support efforts are often organized through the PTA. In addition, classroom and program and/or project focused assistance happens simply in partnership with teachers and Classroom Parents. Featured as a community value in our Mission Statement, the concept of community service/service learning is a goal that pervades all of our classes and the daily life of the school.