Head’s Welcome

Welcome to Garden School where we believe every child has potential and where we believe it is a school’s job to spark, acknowledge, and promote the passions and interests of children.

We were founded in 1923 to meet the need for a high-quality, individualized, and independent school in Queens. The core of this neighborhood school’s early vision remains the same as the faculty and administration combine the wisdom of tradition with the science of pedagogical research to offer every student the finest education that maximizes academic and personal potential, in a partnership atmosphere where individual, family and community goals are valued and nurtured.

We help our students develop the skills they need to thrive in school and in life. We believe that all children are uniquely talented and have their own appro aches to learning and we combine time-tested teaching methods with creative approaches to reach and teach all of our learners. Garden is a tight knit family where we help our students develop and mature by tapping into their curiosity and teaching them to see one another as members of a global community. It is that sense of being part of something larger than oneself—a culture of caring for and reaching out to others—that makes Garden School a home away from home for our students.

At the center of Garden School is the curriculum. Yet the context in which that curriculum unfolds distinguishes us from other schools. Our program is individualized because we have small classes in a school small enough for focused attention and large enough to ensure every opportunity is afforded to every student. The Garden experience is built upon a professional and caring relationship among teachers, students, families, and administrators and a firm commitment to understand, interpret and present each child as an individual. This creates a safe space for students to set ambitious goals, grow intellectually, and take appropriate risks in the classroom, on the stage, and on the field.

Our program begins with the careful nurturing of our youngest students and culminates in a focused and collaborative college counseling process. At each level of the school, we work to respect and understand the hopes and goals of every family while we prepare children to take on the next challenge be it first grade, middle school, or college. As an independent school we are free to make smart choices for our students, act nimbly, and be responsive. This independence enables our faculty to remain focused on their passion for teaching and learning as opposed to the politics of education and to present material in a way that builds toward the highest University standards.

Garden School’s low tuition, compared with that for other independent schools in the metropolitan New York area, makes it a realistic option to a broad spectrum of families. Our student body, reflecting the rich and diverse Queens community, enhances the learning process through an inherent and ongoing cultural exchange. Garden School offers private bus transportation, is easily accessible by car and public transportation, and admits students from all boroughs, Long Island, Westchester County, and the near Jersey Suburbs.

When you choose a school for your child, you place trust in the institution, and the institution promises to offer the best academic experience in an environment in which your child will be recognized both as an individual and a member of society. Outside of the family, school is the primary group within which your child will spend the most formative years of life. It is critical that you find the place that offers your child and your family the most positive involvement, consistent support, and exposure to a diversity of influences. We work with all of our Garden families in partnership to fulfill the promise we make of providing rigorous academic programs in a nurturing environment. Thousands of families have put their trust in Garden School, and our nearly 100 years of success with students prove that their trust has paid off.

The best way to know if a school is a good fit for your family is to visit. So, please consider yourself invited for a tour and come and see for yourself.

Christopher F. Herman MEd
Head of School

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