Garden Alums at Career Day 2015 P1050899
Garden School’s Career Day is a great opportunity for Upper Division students to hear from Garden School alumni who are in various career fields in order to get a sense of what to expect.

We are so very grateful to our alums this year.

Michael Carbanaro, Rui Oliviera, 2002; Ahmed Nassef, 2006; Kristina Pino, 2006; Mike Rakosi, 1964; Anny Buakaew, 1995; Patrick Galarza, 2010; Katie Vogel, 2005; Miriam Elder, 1996; Irani Deraujo, 2002.

Garden Alum at Yale School of Music Diana Kim
It would seem Diana Kim has been playing the violin all her life; after all, she started at the age of three and now plays with the Yale School of Music’s orchestra.

When she was seven years old, Kim was accepted into The Juilliard School’s Pre-College Division program, so she and her mother packed up and moved to the United States. She attended Garden School in Jackson Heights during the week and on Saturdays, from 9 am to 5 pm, she would spend her time at Juilliard practicing and playing.

After graduating from Garden School, she headed to the Yale School of Music for a rather unusual academic experience. She is currently receiving her Certificate in Performance. Once she earns a bachelor’s degree, she will petition to convert the Certificate into a Master of Music degree.

Recently, Kim received the opportunity to be first-chair violinist within the orchestra. With such responsibilities, schoolwork keeps her very busy. She spends six to eight hours a day practicing. Although there is a great deal of work at Yale, Kim says that balancing her music, her schoolwork and her social life is easier than it was in high school.

“Social wise it’s hard, but, as for schoolwork, everything I do is about music so it’s not has hard as high school was because I had to study for other subjects on top of practicing,” she said.

At the end of this school year, Kim will transition into a four-year college to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Music and, from there, will begin pursue her career.

By Mary Eleutheris Kekatos, (Garden School, Class of 2011, Columbia School of Journalism)

Garden Gala _DSC1768 _DSC1730

At the Garden Gala parents, teachers, and alumns gathered together to celebrate the life and accomplishments of a distinguished members of our “Garden Family”. The Garden Gala was held at Terrace on the Park and approximately 500 people were in attendance including many alumns from as far back as the class of 1958!

The Gala was a huge success, raising important funds to support the ongoing excellence of Garden School’s program.

Nathaly Spilotros (’03) addresses Key Club NathalySpilotros
Nathaly Spilotros is a graduate of Garden’s class of 2003 and went on to Tufts University and earned a B.A. in International Relations and French. She is a native New Yorker and currently lives in Queens. She is now the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the Women’s Refugee Commission.

She came and spoke with our Key Club members about the work being done by the WRC, the Women’s Refugee Commission. This work focuses on the international plight of women who have been thrown into refugee status by political or military activities.

Click here to learn more about the WRC.