Mission Statement


Garden School, in the independent tradition, affirms the primacy of learning.

We empower every student in our educationally diverse community to meet responsibly

the challenges of everyday life by promoting academic

achievement, personal development and social involvement.

We further believe that by recognizing each student’s individual identity,

Garden School fosters the self-worth necessary to succeed.

School Beliefs

We believe
  • that the greater the institutional effort, the greater the chance for student success.
  • that the desire to succeed is inherent in every student.
  • that all children can learn; some learn in different ways.
  • that all members of the school community share in the responsibilities of learning.
  • that providing developmentally appropriate challenges elicits creative and critical thinking.
  • that high academic expectations encourage maximum personal achievement, promoting self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • that the more actively a student participates in learning, the richer the educational experience.
  • that responsibility and freedom are essential to the development of internal structure and self-discipline.
  • that it is a primary objective of the school to understand, address and respond to the identity and the needs of all members of our community.
  • that technology plays a supportive role in the educational process.
  • that providing students with a comprehensive educational experience increases social, personal and academic development.