Garden School English Language Academy 英语学院计划

English Language Academy In The News! 新闻英语学院!

In August 2016, China’s Xinhua State News Agency, filmed and ran a twenty minute news report on Chinese state television about how American schools are focusing on students’ overall development, instead of just academic achievements. Garden School was featured in the last four minutes of the report.

Click here to watch the Xinhua News Agency video of Garden School featured as a model American school with a “whole child” approach to education.

English Language Academy For International Students 英语学院计划

English Language Academy Program Information in Mandarin Chinese 英语学院以普通话的信息

Thank you for your interest in Garden School’s English Learning Academy.ELA group

At Garden School, educating our international students and preparing them to enroll in college is central to our mission. Nearly two decades ago, the English Language Academy (ELA) program was created to provide international students the opportunity to study in the United States and learn English with a full-year language immersion program at an accredited American college preparatory school.

The ELA admits students who are prepared to enter any grade from 7th through 10th in their home schools. ELA students spend only one year in the Academy. Guided by the personalized attention of our dedicated ELA faculty, the students work through the effective and carefully-designed curriculum. Consequently, ELA alumni are successful and well-prepared for the following year’s full integration into Garden School’s high school college preparatory program.

The Academy’s approach is designed to balance the goals of an effective English language immersion program garden-ad-epoch-times-9-16-4while also taking advantage of the cultural exposure and integration so critical for English language learners and for students this age.

This balance is achieved with the students spending half of each day with the ELA teaching staff learning English as they receive instruction in American culture, history, useful educational vocabulary, and other subjects, and the other half of their day is spent with their peers in the general Garden School population, including during homeroom, lunch, physical education, the arts, and mathematics.

During their time in ELA, ELA students work in their own classroom where they are able to study independently, with the teacher, or in small groups depending on their particular needs. In this way, the ELA students’ days are filled with both academic work and the social interaction that is appropriate and challenging for each of them, and important to this age group.

Enrollment in ELA is selective and limited to fifteen or fewer students. This select group of students, who typically have limited or no ability to speak English when they enter Garden, will be prepared to matriculate into the student body, graduate from Garden, and be admitted to a full range of colleges and universities.

Garden School is able to issue the I-20 form to qualified students who are enrolled in Garden School. We strongly encourage students who are looking for an intensive program in English to apply to the Academy and participate in this unique and effective educational experience.

For more information including tuition including ELA fee please follow this link.


English Language Academy Tuition and Fees in Mandarin Chinese 英语学院学费和普通话费

How to Apply to the English Language Academy 如何申请英语学院

Garden School English Language Academy Program – How To Apply in Mandarin Chinese 如何申请普通话的英语学院

  1. Complete application and return to Garden school with $50 application fee. You can apply online by following this link or download an Enrollment Application here and fax it to (718) 565-1169. If necessary, call (718) 335-6363 to request one.
  2. Send the following documents to Garden School with the application:
    • A translated record (transcript) of the student’s school grades for the past two years.
    • A copy of the student’s valid passport.
    • Student’s home address and intended address in New York City.
    • Name of student’s guardian in New York City.
The applicant can be admitted based on this information. If admitted, the family will be sent an Enrollment Agreement for the student.

When the signed Enrollment Agreement is returned and payment of tuition and fees for the first year at Garden School is paid in full in advance (bank transfer can be arranged), Garden School will issue an I-20 for the student. If, for some reason, a visa is denied by the American Consulate, Garden School will issue a FULL refund of tuition and related fees as stated in the Enrollment Agreement.

If the students chooses to remain at Garden School after the one year of the English Language Academy is completed, there is no additional ELA tuition charge because the student will not be in the English Language Academy. In addition, the family will no longer be required to pay tuition in advance and the family will be able to choose one of Garden School’s payment plans.

For more information, please call (718) 335-6363 x 118 or email Jim Gaines at